TARfighter - Shutdown and Turnaround Project Simulation Workshop

Enhance Teamwork, Decision-Making, Best Practice and End-to-End Project Efficiency

Deliver a shutdown and turnaround project free from risk

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What to Expect

All TARfighter participants are grouped in to competing teams with a target of delivering their turnaround against a pre-defined set of KPIs:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Duration
  • Budget

TARfighter will simulate a realistic turnaround management project with approximately 40 different work packages. It will be visualized as a work breakdown structure and Gantt diagram which contains failures and breakdowns common to turnaround projects. The set phases of the simulations will be complemented by group discussion sessions, recaps, and presentations.

The Company and Story Behind TARfighter

TARfighter is based on the fictitious Eubonia Chemicals Company.

The participants are introduced to the following cover story: The management team of Eubonia Corp. is planning a large TAR project in nearby Leutonia (capital of Eubonia), a petrochemical production site. The refinery, which does not belong to Eubonia Corp., defines the timeframe for the shutdown project. In addition to legal inspections, the management team is planning to spend additional capital investment to enhance plant capacity.

The Site Manager is highly motivated to deliver the TAR not only on time and on-budget, but also as a world class project making it a benchmark for other Eubonia Chemical sites. The TAR includes capital improvement projects, new safety solutions, new cleaning and software technologies as well as "next management practices" instead of best practices.

Please note, although the simulation is based on a petrochemical production site, the project phases, case studies and fundamental teachings in TARfighter are relevant to all asset intensive industries.


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