TARfighter - Shutdown and Turnaround Project Simulation Workshop

Enhance Teamwork, Decision-Making, Best Practice and End-to-End Project Efficiency

Deliver a shutdown and turnaround project free from risk

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Is your team prepared for upcoming shutdown and turnaround projects?

TARfighter is a unique shutdown and turnaround project simulation workshop, designed to help your team enhance end-to-end turnaround management and decision making, free from real life risk and pressure. Regardless of your project scope or experience level, TARfighter is a cost-effective way of bringing your team together as part of project preparation or evaluation.

Confirmed Dates for Public Courses in 2019

How can TARfighter enhance your team's project performance?

Simulated Scenarios for all Key Turnaround Phases

Work through phased scenarios, respond to events, and assess your approach to turnaround decision making - free from risk

Real Life Case Studies

Allowing you to pick up practical new ideas and tips as well as bench mark your own operation

Complemented by Expert Insight

Discuss, participate in Q&A and learn from our experts

Unify Your Team Understanding and Togetherness

TARfighter will identify and iron-out natural teething problems and increase group of awareness of individual roles and interaction

Perfect First Step for Medium - Long Term Planning

The TARfighter workshop course can be rolled out 12-18 months in advance of your next major project, helping to align major stakeholders

Benchmark With Peers

Build up knowledge and insight with interactive discussion groups and plenty of networking

You Pick Your Format

We deliver TARfighter in a public format or you may choose to bring the workshop in-house, behind closed doors with your team

Compact, Concise and Practical

Knowledge delivered in an optimal timeframe for your team

Created and Delivered by Shutdown and Turnaround Experts

For over 20 years, T.A. Cook's team have supported clients in planning and delivering turnaround projects globally

"The simulation is an excellent tool to highlight the influence and impact of an outage"

Operations Support Manager, GDF Suez

"This is the first course that I have been able to attend that provides real consequences and impacts of decisions made during the long range planning phase and the turnaround work execution phase"

Turnaround Manager, Flint Hills Resourses

"Really good simulation, the unexpected outcomes of decisions also mimic reality"

Outage Group Head, EDF Energy

"Very enjoyable simulation. Promoted lots of discussion amongst team members and gave a real appreciation of the complexities of TA management"

Maintenance Delivery Manager, Sellafield

"One of the most useful training courses I have attended. Maximum impact and value"

Senior Engineer, Talen Energy USA

"Good training to understand the many interdependencies experienced during a TAR"

TAR Planning Manager, BP Netherlands

"A beneficial, challenging learning experience - perfectly organized"

Senior Turnaround Consultant, BASF

"Very good course which gave real insight! Got to be the best course I've been on in 10 years"

Integration Manager, Sellafield, UK

Simulation phases include:

  • Intervention - building your critical path and team to undertake a complex turnaround project
  • Scoping - optimize turnaround scope and define pre/post turnaround activities
  • Detail planning and scheduling - creating turnaround quality assurance and control plans
  • Execution - productively managing all aspecs of your turnaround and responding to events 'on the ground'
  • Project evaluation - analyze and assess your performance and identify areas for future improvement


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