October 16-18, 2018 - Prague, Czech Republic

International SAP Conference for Mining and Metals

Drive Agile Business in Mining and Metals by Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

The number one event for the SAP Mining and Metals community

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Event Series Diamond Sponsor

We would like to thank Accenture for being the Event Series Diamond Sponsor of our four co-located International SAP Conferences for: Building Materials; Chemicals; Forest Products, Paper and Packaging; and Mining and Metals.

Accenture is committed to being the number one innovator and implementer of SAP® solutions, with clear leadership in digital business transformation, business process improvement, value delivery, and application management. With over 47,000 practitioners of SAP software, Accenture has unmatched global expertise across the full range of SAP solutions for all industries and lines of business. Its services span technologies covering predictive analytics, Big Data, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, mobility, and cloud. Our global delivery network, proprietary assets, and solutions deliver unmatched support and high performance to our clients. Our unprecedented go-to-market collaboration on SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP Leonardo methodology helps accelerate core and new industry and line-of-business solutions development. Through the Accenture Liquid Studio for SAP Leonardo, we co-develop intelligent solutions to simplify and fast-track customers’ journeys to digital businesses.

For more information, visit www.accenture.com/sap.

Platinum Sponsor - Metals

IBM combines technology leadership with industry know-how, proven solutions, and a partnership with SAP that delivers business results to its clients. IBM’s unique capabilities help clients advance their company strategies and business performance through the effective application of digital transformation solutions. Included are Enterprise-as-a-Service, cognitive and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and high-performance and quantum computing solutions. Our industry solutions span the entire value chain and cover all critical business needs all on highly secure platforms.

For more information, visit www.ibm.com/industries

Platinum Sponsor - Mining

K2fly Ltd is an Australian company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:K2F). It specialises in software technology platforms and services for infrastructure asset management in asset-intensive industries, including mining and resources, government, utilities, and energy. K2fly technologies allow organisations to manage and maintain asset data to deliver more effective outcomes. Its software solutions have seen worldwide success, with its subject matter experts at the forefront of technology innovation. K2fly has a strong track record of enabling organisations to make better long-term decisions.

InfoScope Land Access System (InfoScope) software from K2fly is an innovative solution that helps small and large companies maintain their social licence to operate on land. Although a key business activity, managing access to land is an inherently high-risk, high-cost activity. InfoScope assists companies in mitigating million-dollar risks and reducing operational costs. The software collates corporate data and provides unprecedented perspectives into your land operations.

A significant advantage of InfoScope is its ability to aggregate data from disparate systems for viewing and reporting through a single portal. InfoScope provides a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance across multiple industries. It supports effective stakeholder engagement, tenement administration, cultural heritage and native title management, environmental compliance processes, and the handling of ground disturbance permits. This helps ensure that you maintain your social license to operate on land while gaining operational efficiencies and better ability to mitigate risk as well as cost savings.

InfoScope empowers compliance processes for an organisation through autotriggered workflows, actions, watches, and obligations management. With a fully integrated interface to GIS systems, financial software from companies like SAP, and internal document repositories like SharePoint, InfoScope can serve as a single source of truth for operational efficiency.

InfoScope runs on the SAP HANA® business data platform and is offered through SAP® Cloud Platform. InfoScope uses geospatial and graph capabilities that leverage SAP HANA. As a solution running within the SAP software environment, InfoScope delivers integrated efficiencies for SAP customers active in the mining, oil and gas, and utilities industries and infrastructure sector.

For more information, please visit: www.k2fly.com

Gold Sponsors

RPMGlobal Holdings Limited is the global leader in the digital transformation of mining. It provides data with context, thus transforming mining operations. Built on open industry standards, its enterprise approach delivers the leading digital platform that connects systems and information and strengthens decision-making across the mining value chain.

RPMGlobal integrates planning and scheduling with maintenance and execution and simulation and costing on RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework. This framework is the mining industry’s only digital platform that delivers insight and control across core mining processes.

RPMGlobal’s advisory team advises the global mining industry on the most critical issues and opportunities, from exploration to mine closure. The team’s deep domain expertise, combined with its culture of innovation and global footprint, ensures its mining customers continue to lead.

RPMGlobal is the global leader in enterprise mining software, advisory services, and professional development. It operates offices in 23 locations across 13 countries and has worked in over 118 countries.

For more information, visit www.rpmglobal.com.

Silver Sponsors

PSI Metals GmbH is the leading partner for digital production in the metals industry, combining support for supply chain management and advanced planning and scheduling with a manufacturing execution system all in one software platform – PSImetals. PSI solutions enable producers of aluminium and steel products to ensure their competitive edge by helping them deliver products in the quantity, quality, and time frame agreed on, while considering inventory, productivity, and performance targets. 

The PSImetals software line is an end-to-end approach for overall supply chain processes, which addresses all the needs of the primary metals industry. From supplier to customer, PSImetals offers powerful and highly configurable standard products to support all processes from planning to execution, while respecting the complexity of metal production and ensuring seamless integration with SAP® software. All information is based on PSImetals Factory Model – a digital twin of the entire supply chain, providing consistent, real-time plant status information. Primary metal producers achieve horizontal and vertical integration of their business processes, while boosting productivity throughout the production process. 

For more information, visit www.psimetals.com.

Adding value for our customers is what drives us every day.

The enthusiastic experts of German-based T.CON GmbH & Co. KG work daily to ensure its customers are fit for the future. As an innovative, full-service provider for SAP and an SAP gold partner, T.CON and its team serve customers worldwide. Together with you, they optimize your business processes and implement a future-oriented digital strategy.

MES CAT – The newest generation of manufacturing execution systems

MES CAT from T.CON utilizes state-of-the-art technology with full integration with SAP® software to control and monitor production in real time. The MES CAT has the functionality and the flexibility to track how equipment is used and to notify when equipment is due for maintenance. This saves valuable time and allows customers to make the most of their production. This scalable solution can run on any combination of OS and database for the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, including the SAP HANA® business data platform.

TRIM SUITE – Maximizing savings through trim optimization

Companies in the mill industry are all struggling with the same problem: to plan trim optimizations  manually is time-consuming and does not always provide the optimal solution. T.CON enables its customers to save time and money with its new TRIM SUITE, the world’s first application for the full-scale creation of trim optimizations.


SAP S/4HANA® was taken into careful consideration as the SMART FOR MILL template was developed. SMART FOR MILL is a solution for companies that produce laminar products on reels or made-to-measure products. It provides presets for key processes for length- and area-oriented production, can be implemented quickly, and is designed for operation with SAP S/4HANA.

FactorE.OS – The one-stop digitalization solution

As a cloud solution for machine learning and shop floor management, FactorE.OS provides midsize industrial companies a quick and inexpensive entry into Industry 4.0. It offers a modern solution for any machine – regardless of age or type of machine – with minimal headaches and downtime. T.CON allows its customers to utilize modern technology, but remains as noninvasive in customers' daily business as possible.

Together with you, T.CON develops your digitalization strategy, regardless of whether you want to work with T.CON on an implementation, launch a carve-out project, or get fit for the future as part of a conversion to SAP S/4HANA.

As an owner-managed company, T.CON focuses on sustainable growth. It achieves this through the high commitment of its employees, its ongoing training programs to advance knowledge and skill sets, and of course, by placing you the customer at the centre of all its activities. It is exactly its long-term, stable relationships with you and its partners that serve as the pillars of T.CON's success.

For more information, please visit www.team-con.de/en.html

With over 55,000 users at more than 850 sites worldwide, VIZIYA Corporation is an industry leader in real-time, integrated, bolt-on products that enhance and optimize enterprise asset management (EAM) software from SAP and other software providers. VISIYA’s customer base includes large SAP customers, including BP America, Eastman Chemical Company, and Freeport LNG (a liquefied natural gas terminal). VIZIYA develops asset-focused software products, giving organizations out-of-the-box products to digitalize, optimize, connect, and execute their maintenance and EAM strategies and processes. VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Suite is available as on-premise and cloud software and supports multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) software environments. VIZIYA’s product suite includes Scheduler, IIoT, Mobile, Analytics, Maintenance Budgeting, and Warranty Management.

For more information, visit www.viziya.com.

Why Sponsor the 2018 Event?

As a sponsor at the International SAP Conference for Mining and Metals, you will be put in direct contact with a qualified audience of current and prospective SAP users. Build up your own pipeline, prepare deal closure, and position your organization as a key player in the mining and metals arena.

Please note, the International SAP Conference for Mining and Metals will be co-located with 3 other industry events:

  • International SAP Conference for Chemicals
  • International SAP Conference for Building Materials
  • International SAP Conference Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging

Sponsorship opportunities are available for SAP partners across all four events.

Increase Awareness

Reach potential new customers by including your company name and logo on our conference materials

Present with a Customer

Showcase your customer references and demonstrate live how your services made them successful

Showcase Your Solutions

Put your organization in direct contact with users looking for new solutions at our partner exhibition

Extensive Networking Opportunities

During the conference or at our evening networking event, meet with key decision makers from across the industry

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Utilise our dedicated meeting space to organise private and one-to-one meetings with key SAP contacts and customers

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Pre, during and post event

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