12 - 13 March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Digital Supply Chain

Adapting to a Digital World - Agile, Collaborative and Innovative Supply Chain Management

Ensure your digital supply chain is ready for modern challenges

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Pre-Conference Workshop - Applying Agile Thinking to Optimise Your Digital Supply Chain

Tuesday 12 March, 2019 (09:00 - 12:30)

Business leaders frequently encounter common terms and phrases such as IoT, AI, Blockchain and Digital Transformation but the key question that must be asked: “What does this mean to me and my business?”

Optimising supply chains, introducing new technologies and innovating to meet modern customer demands has many complexities. Missed business opportunities, dissatisfied customers, inefficiencies, supply chain blind spots and falling profits are just some of the problems to emerge from failing to modernise, adapt and improve supply chain operations.

How can I stay ahead of the curve?

In this pre-conference workshop, attendees will receive a high-level introduction to Design Thinking and Agile Thinking methodologies through an interactive and hands-on series of activities that will help generate ideas and concepts that you can implement into your own organisation.

Following a brief introduction and overview session, unique scenarios have been created to simulate digital supply chain practice, based on a real-world situation. This interactive workshop is designed to stimulate advanced thinking and conversation around agile rather than traditional problem-solving methodologies. To think big, start small and to learn to fail early.

Attendance at this pre-conference workshop is optional for conference delegates.
Please select pre-conference workshop attendance when you book your place at the conference.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Applying Agile Thinking to Optimise Your Digital Supply Chain
Patrick Strauss, Digital Supply Chain Specialist and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University
Networking Welcome Lunch and Conference Registration
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Patrick Strauss, Digital Supply Chain Specialist and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University
A Blueprint for a Digital Transformation
Gabriel Linhares, Supply Chain Project Manager, Anglo American
Digitalising your Supply Chain - The Four Pillars
Essam el-Okda, Digital Supply Chain Transformation Manager, Unilever
Afternoon Refreshment Break
Creating Added Value, Visibility and Security With Blockchain
Christophe Suizdak, Global Operational Excellence Manager, GE Healthcare
Why Developing an Agile and Flexible Supply Chain is More Important Than Ever
Prabhu Kamaraj, Corporate Senior Project Manager International Logistics, Henkel
Comfort Break
How to Embrace Complexity in Supply Chain Planning
Lars Sondergaard, Global Lead for Planning Practice, Westernacher | Customer Case Study to be Confirmed
Data (Science) for Demand Planning and Using Machine Learning
Nicolas Vandeput, Supply Chain Data Scientist, SupChains - Bridgestone Tyres Project
Chairman’s Closing Remarks followed by Evening Reception
Day One Close and Evening Drinks Reception
Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Welcome Back
Patrick Strauss, Digital Supply Chain Specialist and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University
Digitalising Your Reverse Logistics
Ates Gumes, Supply Chain Planner, AkzoNobel
Digital Evolution in Supply Chain and Logistics Using AI | IoT | Analytics
Leonardo Marins, Global Digital Logistics Lead, British American Tobacco
Morning Comfort Break and Select Your Deep-Dive Discussion

Deep-Dive Discussion Groups Sessions

Use this extended knowledge and networking session to dive deeper into your chosen areas of interest with your peers. Discuss your challenges and put your questions to your peers. Come away with new ideas and a take away action plan for when you return to the office.

Discussion Content
Discussion Content
Morning Refreshment Break
  • Session Three

    How Ready is Your Supply Chain For New e-Commerce Platforms?

  • Session Four

    Connecting the Supply Chain – Unleashing the Power IoT

Discussion Content
Discussion Content
Networking Lunch
Creating a Base for Digital Supply Chain With Digital Performance Dashboards and B2B Customer Portal
Manish Sarkar, Operational Excellence, CI Expert | Vasily Ivanov, Operational Excellence: Lean Performance Management, Schwepps International Ltd.
Comfort Break
Case Study: A Look Into an Advanced Digital Transformation Journey
Marten van der Zee, VP Supply Chain EMEA & Asia-Pacific, Libbey Inc.
Digitising the Human Touch and the Impact on the Supply Chain
Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, 30 under 30 Megawatt Winner
Final Q&A Session
Chairperson Closing Remarks and Close of Conference
Ates Gumes | Akzonobel

Ates Gumes | Akzonobel

Ates completed his Industrial Engineering bachelors followed by his Masters in Turkey before starting a career in the field. His first job experience within supply chain was involved in planning and involved a number of inventory reduction projects within a consumer goods company. He then moved to different departments within supply chain, working as a procurement and logistics executive in food sector. He was responsible for rolling out and implementing ERP systems to warehouse & purchasing operations in Turkey.

Ates was involved in the establishment of reverse logistics operations for cold chain.  He wanted to pursue this further and moved his career to the Netherlands and is currently working as a Supply Chain Planner for AkzoNobel for over 2 years.

On a personal note, he has always been interested in futurism and is a member of the Futurism Club.  Ates was one of the founding members of the group in Turkey.

Gabriel Linhas | Anglo American

Gabriel Linhas | Anglo American

Gabriel is a professional with over ten years of experience in Supply Chain, and has led diverse projects and been involved in areas across the value chain. In 2017, the Global Supply Chain department started to develop the Digital Transformation strategy of all Business Unities within the Anglo American Group. Gabriel was appointed the group manager of this project, and developed the Blueprint for digital success.

Before working for Anglo American, he was responsible for conducting the integration of supply chain departments of Iron Ore Brazil and Nickel business and has worked extensively in strategic procurement, supplier and material data, process & systems, and supplier relationship management.

Nicolas Vandeput | SupChains - Bridgestone Tyres Project

Nicolas Vandeput | SupChains - Bridgestone Tyres Project

Nicolas is a Supply Chain Data Scientist specialized in Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization. He always enjoys discussing new quantitative models and how to apply them to business reality. Passionate about education, Nicolas is both an avid learner and enjoys teaching at universities: he teaches forecast & inventory optimization to master students since 2014. He founded SupChains in 2016 and co-founded SKU Science - a smart online platform for supply chain management - in 2018.

Leonardo Marins | British American Tobacco

Leonardo Marins | British American Tobacco

Leonardo is leading digital transformation programmes in BAT (British American Tobacco), by combining his Logistics and Supply Chain expertise and experience with an IT and Project Management background.

Passionate about technology and innovation, Leonardo is in constant search of disruptive and innovative ways of working to drive optimization in supply chain, logistics and trade market.

He is a Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni, executive education, LEAD for Corporate Innovation. A Brazilian national living in London, he is married with two daughters and a dog and recently pedalled from London to Paris in 4 days this year (2018) for charity.

Patrick Strauss | Cranfield University

Patrick Strauss | Cranfield University

Patrick is a lecturer at Cranfield Universityfor Transparent and Digital Supply Chain(RFID, IoT, Blockchain & Supply Chain Visibility). With 20+ years of technical,commercial and consulting experience inemerging technologies and digital supplychain, he has held senior positions at British Telecom and IBM.

His specialities lie in Asset Management; Barcode/RFID/RTLS; Internet of Things; Blockchain; SaaS/Cloud-based solutions. Patrick has worked to deliver innovative solutions to global clients across industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, supply chain and others. He is regular speaking at various industry events.

'' I turn technological innovations into growthopportunities for companies ''

                                                                   - Patrick Strauss

Christophe Suizdak | GE Healthcare

Christophe Suizdak | GE Healthcare

Christophe is part of Global Supply Chain Operational Excellence at GE Healthcare. He has over 10 years experiences in medical devices production and for over the last 8 years has been working in cell culture and therapy.

His expertise is split into three areas; manufacturing, operations management and strategy definition as well as lead M&A and the integration of cell therapy companies in the group. As well as this, GE is looking to digitalise and develop the next generation of supply chain using blockchain, IOT, IA and more of the latest tools with one goal - create added value and competitive advantage to the company, partners and customers.

Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, 30 under 30 Megawatt Winner | Johnson & Johnson

Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, 30 under 30 Megawatt Winner | Johnson & Johnson

Charlotte de Brabandt is a Technology and Negotiation Keynote Speaker & Host with ample global industry experience in the field of automotive, timepieces, technology, pharma, consumer goods and medical devices. She has been known for hosting the TEDx Lugano event on professions of the future last year. She specializes on digital technologies, automation and AI. Furthermore she recently became famous for winning the ISM 2018, Rising Supply Chain Star Megawatt award.


Marten van der Zee | Libbey Inc.

Marten van der Zee | Libbey Inc.

Passionate about building solid and sustainable foundations with a view to continuously improve the entire end-to-end operational chain and its organization. Developing and uplifting the performance of the organization through people, processes, and tools.

Creating balance and transparency which adds value to any (changing) supply chain / operation by combining focus, optimal skills & talents, customer centric, and Operational Excellence methodologies.

Marten's strengths are his knowledge and experience within different industries and areas of end-to-end supply chains, organizational development and people management.

His enthusiasm, engagement and drive to (continuously) improve not only the activities and processes performed by his own area of responsibilities but the full supply chain related areas includes the good relationship that is built with internal and external (client) stakeholders, contacts and suppliers.

Focused, down-to-earth, pragmatic, communicator, team player, commercial and cost conscious, positive minded and enthusiastic. Delivering results.

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