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International SAP Conference for Utilities

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D!gitalist Magazine: Every Business Is Becoming A Technology Business, Manju Bansal 

'The pace of business change is getting faster. Of all the firms that started on the Fortune 500 list in 1955, almost 90% were no longer on it by 2017. And since 2000, 52% of the list is gone. Whatever the reasons for their decline or demise, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: the process of “creative destruction” – the term coined by economist Joseph Schumpeter – doesn’t wait for anyone and creates new economic structures (and winners) as it destroys the old ones.' 

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D!gitalist Magazine: Utilities Can Use Digitalization And IoT To Power Smart Cities, Pamela Dunn

'Futurists suggest we will one day live in smart cities where governments and businesses use data-driven insights to improve the lives of local citizens. Many of these benefits will be brought about by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) through the Internet of Things (IoT).'

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D!gitalist Magazine: The Utility Of The Future: From Buzzword To Reality With Standardization, by Klaus Berghoffer

'Stability and reliability are two attributes that utility companies highly value. From electricity and natural gas to water, more and more people worldwide depend on this industry to live – and any disruption in supply is always unwelcome news.'

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D!gitalist Magazine: Why Customer Service Is The New Utilities Battleground, Adam Lyons 

'It’s fair to say that the utility sector has been caught in the crossfire of political battles in recent years. Price rises have been deemed so big an issue that the government has stepped in – ostensibly to make sure value to the customer is prioritized, but perhaps with political point scoring in mind. The pressure’s on from other directions too; customer expectations are increasing, with more consumer choice meaning nobody’s customers are secure.' 

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